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Papa's metaphor for life is a three legged stool. He says that the first leg represents the professional part of life, the second leg represents the spiritual part of life, and the third leg represents the part of life devoted to family and friends. If each one is given equal attention, the stool will remain stable.

Often, the person who kept the stool stable in our family was Grammy. Grammy treated every day like it was a "holiday." No one could celebrate like her! Memories of the family gathering around the kitchen table while smells of turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie filled the air are reminders of how she treated each day as a holiday, and we certainly joined in!

Sometimes we celebrated the professional's new job, an "A" in school, or just making it through the work week. Sometimes it was the spiritual's Christmas, Easter, or a baptism. Sometimes it was family and friends' birthdays, cheer-up days, or anniversaries. But most times, it was a blend of all three. By taking whatever circumstances existed and throwing in some family and friends, adding thanksgiving to the Lord for all He had provided, and then topping off with good food for the soul; we seek a fulfilled life. And because of Grammy and Papa, our gatherings always equaled a holiday!